What’s missing from your history is the creation of the Fairness Doctrine in 1949. Americans understood the necessity of objectivity and the danger of partisanship and we mandated that TV news give equal time to opposing views.

Reagan was able to dismantle the Fairness Doctrine in 1982 and that gave rise to Fox News and our current era of massive disinformation.

Perfect objectively is probably impossible, but it can be an ideal that we work toward through licensing and legislation. Corporate capture of civic ideals is what stands in our way.

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bro’s got our ouroboros up in this mileau! 🐍

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Gosh, what country are you living in? Oh, America, of course. 😂

The Biden inauguration was a subdued event, nothing cloying about it. I read a lot of American MSM. No cloy was seen. Not only were thousands of your country fellows still dying daily, your country was roiling from the freshly delivered violent attempt to overthrow democracy, which had itself resulted in multiple deaths. No one was gushing. No one was whooping it up. There was, however, a cloak of utter relief flung across the rest of the world.

I was going to try to count the number of times you wrote 'new deal ', but gave up. No one else sees Biden that way. If there's anything new, or any deals, or bolstering of local industry, it's not a 'new deal ' response. Every country in the world is recalibrating for the same reasons: the pandemic! Supply chain failures. At least there was one lesson learned.

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You are my only source of news. And its great because you just keep proving my right about never tuning into any of it. :)

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