Can vouch for the Gen X preference for ellipses, which continues to drive me crazy...

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Listen...I know GenX is an easy target--andwe'veearnedit-- but not-

not every GenX'er does the things you're accusing us of.



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I know this piece leans heavily into humor and sarcasm, but what makes humor and sarcasm funny, of course, is that they are hedged 'round by the truth.

This was great.

Just last week, a snarky Millennial cashier said to me, as I was turning to leave, "Have the day you deserve." It was the best non go-fuck-yourself (but go-fuck-yourself) I'd heard in a long time.

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An as Gen X literary genius - My email were works of art.

When I got a laptop in 2001 I would draft them all on word and save them.

I have over 3000 emails in a file.

Here is part of one ...

Hey bro, I just read over your last letter and it was rad, we should catch up on MSN .

First you don’t know what cold is untill you have worked in a snow storm in –14 degrees out side in northern Ontario.

You take a piss and have to snap it off when your done.

But yeah I dig it that the farm was kinda cold. For Auzzie… I bet you had to put a shirt on...

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Love it! As my newsletter would suggest, I’m a  “kind regards” kinda millennial. “Cheers”, if I’m trying to come across passive aggressively casual 😈

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I cannot add to those email sign offs. They are perfect.

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I'm last of the X generation, so proto-millennial. I write emails with considered grammar and the appropriate number of exclamation points but no ellipses and, here's the key, no fucks to give.

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Sent in a frenzy before I get to the front of the line at Chipotle,


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Dear That Guy from the Internet,

Ironically, it’s “poring” over grammar.

“Pouring” is for liquids. The last thing you want to do is “pour over” your books, unless you want them to be a warped, sticky mess.


Best Regards,


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I got the ick from this.



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My Greek professor had a great one:

“As ever,”

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Well, as a Boomer I gotta say..."Thank FUCK I retired!" and...as I was never a part of the Corporate world, I never learned the proper email protocol--is there such a thing? I would just phone...y'all have the day you deserve! Ciao...

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I’m gen Z and I use proper punctuation on my articles but I don’t usually proofread them. To me the messages I try to get across to people matter much more than grammar or punctuation.

Absolutely agree that millennials tend to be WAY too enthusiastic in their emails and texts. It can seem a kind of insincere at times and I also noticed they really lack boundaries and do the most. Their work ethic is toxic. They stay much later than they need to but I inspire them to stand up for themselves and make them laugh

by being goofy cause all this shit really isn’t that serious

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