"You Better Work, Bitch!"

This is a series about American work culture and how it affected this country's pandemic response. These essays will also dive into the Protestant work ethic; how the valorization of “essential workers” highlights capitalism as a collectivist enterprise; how mindfulness and meritocracy contribute to burnout; how our absorption into our jobs perpetuates the banality of evil; and how do we make our lives less dependent on our jobs.

FINALE: Or, how we can rework this whole economy thing.
PART 5: How our obsession with work perpetuates the banality of evil.
PART 4: On mindfulness, meritocracy, and burnout.
PART 3: America isn't a country. It's an elaborate MLM scheme.
PART 2: How workaholism created an unequal economy and exacerbated a plague.
PART 1: Are we talking about the economy or people?